Private Label

TBT Foods has a long-lasting reputation for producing private-label products. We have the required equipment and capacity to deliver private label orders and produce high-quality, low-cost products for your brand.
Also, we have a long list of diverse products for any needs in our business through its substantial supply chain network. We customize the private label products separately for every customer by changing their formulation following the given specification, size, and packaging for any order quantity.
Therefore, you can start achieving your goal with a small budget and a step-by-step approach. Also, you can ensure proper investment distribution, both for the production process and strategic advertising.

We will offer a customized product to you. If you require more details about the private label, please do not hesitate to contact our team at
We look forward to hearing your needs and cooperating with you and your team to develop a perfect product for sustainable business.

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Private Label

TBT FOODS focuses on the context of the production of Private Label products and has many years of experience, and We have an expanded capacity to make Private Label orders with the necessary equipment to create high quality products, low cost produced required for the implementation of your brand.
We also have a diverse list of products for any requirements in our business through our extensive supplier network, and we customize private label products with changing the recipe according to client’s product specification, the size, weight, packaging, and flexibility in the minimum order quantity for private labels with each customer individually.
This way you can start with a small amount and step by step to achieve your goal, ensuring the correct distribution of your investment both for the production process and for the strategic planning of the promotion.
We will create a tailor-made product just for you. If you would like more information about Private Label, do not hesitate to contact our team at +98910 362 1680 or email
Our team will be happy to get aware of your needs and work with you and your team to create a great product for sustainable business.