About Us



TBT has been a well-trusted family-owned private company since 1980, with a long history in the food industry.
We have more than 40 years of experience and are one of the Middle East’s oldest and fastest growing manufacturers and suppliers. By launching and investing in food production sites, we have the required capacity to produce food products such as nougats, biscuits, wafers, cakes, crackers and candies in large quantities.

TBT also intends to expand its product cart through research and development and investment in value-added goods in order to meet customers’ changing tastes and lifestyles, as well as daily trends.

We use Europe machinery to manufacture our products and always deliver orders on time. We sell our products to businesses, organizations, institutes, and individuals, and we can ship orders to all continents via our overseas offices.
TBT Company has implemented and approved integrated quality management systems and food safety following national and international food standards.

We are committed to increasing productivity in order to meet the above-mentioned goals, as well as reviewing policies and paying close attention to requirements. We ask our agents and employees to respect the customers’ and beneficiaries’ demands and satisfy them by creating a friendly and emphatic atmosphere. In order to implement an integrated management system, we cooperate with the supervisor of the food safety and occupational health team based on sustainable principles.

TBT Group

Our Core Values

Deliveries Geography

We deliver our retail, bulk & private label products through overseas offices on 5 continents.

Europe Tech Production

By having production sites, TBT Foods has enriched the quality and quantity of its products.

Tailor Made Products

The product’s weight, size, and shape can be adjusted in various packaging. We will manufacture products with your logo.

Our Vision

  • A reliable partner for a more sustainable life.
  • Become a leading producer and supplier of food products in global markets.
  • To be the preferred choice and an essential part of the daily diet of the consumers by providing an extensive range of top quality and delicious products.

Our Mission

  • We always pursue sustainable and long-term relations with all beneficiaries and customers. We will grow and develop together.
  • Provide high-quality products and services in the food industry according to the international food safety and environmental management standards requirements.
  • Investing in recruitment, training, and improvement of the employees.
  • Constant effort and taking measures for environmental conservation.
  • Value creation for our partners through continuous innovation and product enhancement.
  • Fulfil the demands of customers instantly.